Basic Invite | Custom Wedding Invitation Tips!

Invitations are a big part of wedding planning. They set the tone for the wedding day as they are one of the first things your guests will see. Your wedding invitations should reflect the overall theme of your wedding as well as your personal style as a couple. You can incorporate different fonts, colors and designs to give your guests a sneak peek into the type of affair you are planning.

As a photographer, I love to include invitation suites in the bridal detail photos because I know just how much thought and planning goes into selecting the perfect wedding invite. Every little detail means something on a wedding day and I try not to overlook that.

Basic Invite, an invitation website, sent me some samples of their beautiful invitations to share with all of you! With tons of different designs and 180 color options, they really have something to fit everybody’s style. They even have 40 different color options for envelopes! Basic invite also offers free wedding websites along with some other really unique items like their custom wedding coasters.

One of the latest trends I have been seeing is clear invitations. Basic Invite now has clear vinyl invitation suites as well. The clear invites are still elegant, but add a modern twist and they are all the rage right now!

What’s great about a shops like Basic Invite that offer so many different products is that you have the freedom to add on as many (or as few) details as you want. Menu cards, programs, place cards, guest books, thank you cards, you name it! All of your paper goods will have a cohesive theme and really bring everything together.

With Basic Invite, you have the ability to order a completely custom sample invitation so you will know exactly how it will look and feel before placing your full order. The quality of the invite suites that I received was great and I would definitely recommend them to any future couples for their big day or for any other type of future event!

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